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We craft exclusive dresses of your favorite colors, fabrics, styles for special occassions including wedding lehenga, outfit for theme parties, brides maid etc.



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Cotton Wear is essential for your work-from-home wardrobe!
Sep 15, '20

The pandemic has changed our schedules and has been keeping us in our pyjamas all day long. Though is the most comfortable state to be in, you need to dress up for your work even if it from home. Research shows that when you dress for your work from home...

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4 Outfits that will make you feel powerful
Sep 15, '20

Clothes are games changing! This statement is very true in many ways. Your first impression at your workplace or at a party or at a family gathering is often measured by your clothes. It is definitely ideal to dress neat, classy and elegant to feel powerful.   Often formal wear...

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