Homewear -Staying at home with fun and style!

Homewear -Staying at home with fun and style!

Bold Commerce CollaboratorJul 29, '20

The lockdown is the most essential step that the nation has to take to curb the curve of this global pandemic. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the lockdown has taken a toll on our social lives. Gone are the times when we used to dress up for the weekends and sulk about not having many options for office wear. Here’s our take on how to beat the blues, fashionably and use all your clothes that are untouched.


Most of us are working from home but that doesn’t mean we will skip getting out of our PJs. Start your day by dressing up in casual wear and seize the day! Choose cotton kurtis, tops or even dresses to make sure you are stylish and comfortable. Skip the regular and PJs and buy cute night suits that are available online to ensure you sleep with a smile on your face. Select your personal preferences as it is very important to understand and embrace, otherwise, you might feel out of sync and soon drop the effort to get put together. We have to learn the fact that here we are only dressing up for ourselves and not to impress the world, so start making that extra effort ladies!


Lockdown has made us a little lazy as there’s not much to do but if you take the effort of putting on some make-up and trying out new comfy clothes, it increases your productivity as well. Level up and add jewellery, work out daily, cook the best meals or just create something that you couldn’t create because you always ran out of time. Try out new looks by combining bright colours to your outfit of the day and we know women wear can be quite creative. Even our men can make an effort to come out of that t-shirt that you have been wearing since last night! Wear that washed and collared t-shirt to snap out of the no sleep phase. We understand if you feel extra comfortable in your yoga pants but dressing up can actually lift up your spirits and help you have a better mood throughout your day - That’s a promise!


Lockdown has allowed us to stop, breathe and spend time with our loved ones or just with yourself. It might get a little boring but as we all combat the pandemic, we must find ways to keep ourselves entertained.

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