Style your festive look at home

Style your festive look at home

Bold Commerce CollaboratorAug 9, '20

As the festivities of the year has begun, it’s time for you to throw away the mentality that virtual parties (the new normal!) and gatherings don’t need dressing. The pandemic has restricted our celebrations but you must make the most of it. It is time to celebrate but with a twist!


Here are a few ways where you can rock your virtual celebrations as well:


1. Bring out the ethnic wear!

Ditch the casual wear! Festivals in India are glamorous and you wouldn’t want to put up a picture on Instagram wearing your daily wear. Wear the bright colored kurtas, designer sarees, and let your inner Diva come out! Experiment with colors and styles because, hey! nobody will be judging you.


2. Don't forget your accessories!

Women can wear their danglers while the men can wear fancy watches or macho bracelets to make sure your look is complete. Add pieces of jewellery complementing to your outfit to make the fashion statement you always wanted to make. The men can add traditional pearl necklaces like the kings of the ancient times used to wear and look extremely stylish and royal.


3. Ladies, let’s make-up!

A heavy eye make-up or a dark lip shade is all you need to make sure your face matches the celebrations’ vibe. Make-up helps in enhancing the beauty you already have and since we have all not gone out for fun, why not use the make-up for festivals. Don’t forget to style your hair as well.


4. Men, shave, or groom!

We know the lockdown has made you’ll lazy but it’s time to shave or groom your beard and look dapper to usher in the festivities. Look sharp and neat to make sure you are complimenting your amazing outfit.


5. Choose the right type of material!

Choose cotton or raw silk or chiffon as they look classy and are comfortable. Comfort should be your priority. If you think you can wear your designer lehengas for an hour or two then wear it right away. If you think you will be able to pull that sherwani for the virtual gathering, then make sure you jump right into it.


Take pictures, cook great food, have fun, and celebrate the joy of well-being with your loved ones.

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