Cotton Wear is essential for your work-from-home wardrobe!

Shikha SahansiSep 15, '20

The pandemic has changed our schedules and has been keeping us in our pyjamas all day long. Though is the most comfortable state to be in, you need to dress up for your work even if it from home. Research shows that when you dress for your work from home days you boost your energy and productivity levels and prepare your mind to work better and faster.


Hot summers? Cotton wear all the way, please! Cotton is the most favorite material one can slip into while at home. It helps in beating the heat of the hot summers of India and also keeps you comfortable. The material is not only breathable but absorbs the moisture and releases on the fabric, helping it to evaporate. Cotton is the best fabric that one can wear while at home. Cotton is also known to be skin-friendly, helping people with skin sensitivity as it prevents fungi breeding too. 


While cotton to some might feel a little boring, we have a list of cotton wear that will instantly upgrade your look and wardrobe. Invest in good cotton Kurtis that is an absolute go-to thing for your daily hustle. Pair it with jeans or leggings or cigarette pants. They look very comfortable, cool and extremely smart on women. Choose colours that are trending like indigo blue, white, black, pink or any pastel shade. Buy a cotton ankle-length pants to pair with your cotton tops and Kurtis and Voila! You’re ready to seize the day!


Cotton wear can rule your wardrobe, incorporating factors like comfort, neat, smart casuals and much more. Cotton Kurtis are smart casual wear while cotton dresses are beautiful for day outs or just a day in! Stock up on a cotton and make work from home as fun as possible.

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